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Boolean Search Terms Examples

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Boolean Search Terms Examples

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Applying Boolean search in recruiting is the key to finding specific talent, but it is a skill that is developed over time. Boolean search is a manual type of search that allows users to combine keywords with Boolean operators to produce more relevant results. My aim here is to show that you can achieve almost anything with Google advanced operators if you know how to use and combine them efficiently. The Builder tab provides a guided means of constructing a Boolean search. Example media AND violence only those results that contain both media. But it can certainly be beneficial during the recruitment process. This typically limits your search results.

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The Advanced Guide to Boolean Search Terms Examples

Using Boolean terms helps to create more precise and powerful searches with a higher percentage of relevant results. Note that adding an asterisk before and after a URL makes sure that links to all subdomains and pages of a website will be found as well. The Select Databases window opens with the local database selected. You can then contact them directly via social media.

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Provide visibility into enterprise data storage and reduce costs by deleting or migrating stale and obsolete content. In the example above, the OR statement is used to identify candidates who were previously employed by at least one of the listed companies. You can limit a search by format or detailed material type, but not both.

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