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Why We Love In Lieu Of Notice Resignation Letter (And You Should, Too!)

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Employment contracts often go off the standard notice periods provided under the national award, however, there are circumstances where it may be longer or shorter. [*]

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Segment snippet included in lieu in of notice resignation letter?® Make sure that you retain a copy of the resignation letter you provide. [*]

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If you find it essential to mention the behaviour of a colleague or your manager, state this verbally to the human resource department rather than writing it in your letter. [*]

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If the employee gives notice of intent to resign by a definite date two weeks or less in the future and you accept the notice early at your convenience, it will be regarded as a resignation, not a discharge.


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Have your employer sign the termination letter to acknowledge receipt.

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The Fair Work Ombudsman is committed to providing advice that you can rely on. Employment law is all we do.

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Before you take your final leave be sure to obtain letters of reference, make certain you understand the reason for your termination, negotiate the best severance package possible, and make use of all outplacement services available.

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VALIDITY OF RESIGNATION Question How could it happen that an employee who already tendered his resignation letter was fired for neglecting his duty?

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